Spoken Word

War Cry

By Shesia The Poet

We have witnessed our homeland, silent and dying like a small candle losing its light sitting on the swing of loneliness, unhappy with our destiny.

Your my home yet I see  you wounded and broken. I am a mountain steadfast before the storms longing to the sun of peace rise in  my heart.

Our young souls demand calm without blame, without weapons without blade or flame or how guns fire out in a furious dance by shooting people, you unwounded the sky .Return the sun to its sparkling light.

We bare the memories of happy times within us and nostalgia agitates my heart.

Raising our hands to the sky and hoping there’ll be change tomorrow.

Where has hope gone and how has peace eluded my homeland? Everyday people are being buried and with them their hopes and dreams.

Henceforth I will watch the path I take ,leaving gun behind book and pen I will take. Can you smell the earth when the rain pours ,the smell of hope, the smell of a new day.

I dream of peace, warm hands and a bluish clear early sky with songs for birds to pray. The sparrows are dancing  in beautiful pairs looking for a  place to build its nest where love has made her blessing rest.

All that pain we’ve had enough, Our country needs life and peace.

Its something that we pray when we think we have nothing left.

A child running under the sun with a smile so bright that it lights a dull night, I can imagine such a day for hours and hours .

Everyone of us dreams leaving in peace and stability. Peace is not seeing blood of men, women and children, peace is rooted in our words, in our smiles, in our fingers that have braved pain.

   Peace  Peace Peace.

Peace is never too late

Peace is living in a world without hate.

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