Gender Equity


By Sheryl Christine

I am giving all the respect to the women who came before, because they opened up the door and got in despite the peril they have to face each and every day . I am sitting here and telling myself that indeed “darkness cannot drive out darkness but only light can…. hate cannot drive away hate but only love can likewise prejudice cannot drive away prejudice only equity , love and unity can.

This year ,there are barriers that have been broken and will continue to be broken, despite time and time again proving that two-third gender rule will never be efficient ,despite the rule of law and a system that continuously fails women. Technology continues to play a very integral part towards ensuring sensitization and empowerment of women. Women have not only been abused and sexually harrased by their male opponent but the government has done nothing whatsoever to ensure their safety during the campaigning period no safe spaces no nothing .

Moreover, this year only 22 women won elective seats out of 108, excluding the 47 seats allocated to women. Small number but a great improvement but still this is an underrepresentation , this shows that women are in the forefront to prove that they can also contribute towards the building of this nation, despite the system that fails them each and everyday, a rule of law that is inefficient and a ⅔ gender rule that’s not effective “delays have not been denial”. Women in this country make up 50.31% of Kenya’s population as of 2021,this therefore suggests that the government should include women in critical decision making because if they expect to achieve the sustainable development goals and vision 2030, then the future should be a joint endeavour.

Therefore, the government should ensure it comes up with safe spaces, provide maximum security and formulate and enforce laws that punish the violators of women political mobilizers. The government should also formulate policies and set up governance priorities that concern women through the women committee to implement affirmative action.. The public and the media should also ensure that they shun the type of behaviours that are detrimental to the growth of women in this country because at the end of the day our goal is to make this country accommodative for both genders.

Inasmuch, as women try to gain political seats all over the world that should not make men feel intimidated whatsoever, if you’re a father, picture your daughter or your sister ,representing your pleas in parliament. Are you happy with yourself? The world is evolving and fallacy ,social and cultural norms are being demystified each and everyday. It’s all about a joint endeavour and building this nation through inclusivity.

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