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The monster of today,

Passed from a generation to another,

But we are proud of having the monster in our society,

Ni mara ngapi mmekosa kufanikiwa mkaomba the monster of today akuje to your rescue,

Ni mara ngapi tumekosa kusaidika na because the monster leaves with us….

hatukukawia before kusaidika

The other day I was convicted of a crime,

It took too long but I had to reveal the monster of today

And time hukumu ya mwisho ikisomwa

I was found not guilty reason being before judge aamue kesi kuna chai alikua asha-sip

On my way back home I was found a happy man

Wanasema don’t drink and drive

But hii gari nlibuy na pesa yangu

And I hold so dearly ile phrase ya not to be sold to persons under the age of 18

Of course niko 18 na niko na license

Nyuma ya gari sticker kubwa ina indicate 80km/h

But I decided kuchezea 120km/h

Na kabla niende mbali,

I remember I was pulled aside,

Hawa ni traffic,and because its cold on the roads

I was kind na nikawapa askari chai,

Na because it was a done deal

Ata ile record ya alcohol blow

Ilikua tu ku-confirm kama iko on

Kilometres chache baadae because of my state two people had to die because I hit them wakicross barabara,

So even as I write im in a wheelchair na i wish wale traffic police wangenizuia nisiendelee na safari

But instead,they drunk from the monster’s cup

The monster is deadly

But because it always comes to our rescue tunaiita friendly

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