Spoken Word


By Valin Shesia

Kenya’s political life is a cycle, where dances are unfold

Where powers are tightened and stories untold

From tribalism fights to ideological fights

The roots of politics a maze of rights

Leaders comes and goes in cycle of change

Promises made yet none fulfilled

Corruption shadows seen yet a constant plague

While vision for progress becomes a constant fight

Baraza’s echo in chambers, where voices speaks

As aspiration collide in a political flash

From Nairobi’s halls to grassroots ground

Siasa in kenya becomes a political theatre

Yet our voices becomes hope for the next generation

In our hearts where tears are wiped

For a better tomorrow come what may

Siasa inanihusu has become a national anthem

With siasa place inclusion of youth in the journey

Kenya’s political crisis unfold a new down may sway

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Spoken Word

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