Spoken Word


By Campos World

We ni player nowonder unacheza na balls

Nasikia wenye wanakam unawa advice wacheze na walls

Ungekua Messi ni vile hauko PSG

Unajaza kaa matatu wee ni PSV

So mnapostiana ndio msiachane

Valentines mnaahidiana ma vacation eti ni mapenzi ya Karne

Anaongea na ex wake na unaelewa

Wataashare bed na hutaelewa


Sii I don’t struggle to forget you

But I struggle to understand what really got into you

Struggling to understand what really provoked you

Spent nearly a month, building creating, owning this pond for you to let another man fish my pond

I’m not where you left me

Clinched to the fake promises…that ooh we were meant to be, ooh till death do us part

Forgetting the world beLIEve katikati iko na LIE And I’m not where you left me

Describing me the understanding man on earth

With fantasies of taking vows kwa alter

Wee ni dreams ndio uli alter

Kaa ni boat but ilizama Kwa water

Heavy heart ukaniachia nikisota

You’re my pot mee ni wako potter  but poor dear ulifall kwa poacher..

I don’t struggle to forget you

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Spoken Word


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