Spoken Word

Ni Lini Itatua

By Poet Denkuz

For sometime now I have learnt theres always a piece everyone wants to fix. A piece that was broken without consent and without peace of mind. You see we live in a world where everyone expects a truthful growth out of a lie diet. Some of us have lived with scars but there‘s always one which scares us everyday

Na ndo maana I’m here today ku bleed out hizi cells, so maybe someone out there will be set free from these chains. Na bado hata nikiwa kwa wheelchair Ill still have to stand for what is right. You see it takes a second to break a right but it takes courage to fight for a right.

Last time He wronged twice and that wasnt right, tell me... Tell me how many wrongs will make it right. Theres nothing like a naked truth time bodies zetu zinatumiwa kutu haunt.. Apart from ile game ya hide and seek Ina uma that some of us hu end up kuhide and get sick from things we didn’t intend to do.

Last time it was her father, this time it got further si unajua like father like sonnone was like a father figure to her. Niambie In a family of five, hows she going to survive, when the people

close to her just ruined her life. Ndio najua unajua pia mi najua. Najua pain kwa jua haiwezi tua... Ni lini itatua

From the pain that made her grow, now comes the scar that wont let her go. She got her skin touched before her heart could touch a soul, ni so terrible right? Niambie atatenda nini time ashatendwa. Now she sees every man the same way, she sees the scar on her mind that never healed

Its for the minutes nimestand here that I still believe time is a healer, bado kuna hope hang on there, things will getter better kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa kupika

For the silent battles you are all fighting itakua sawa. Time inakam for sure and the clock will tick right

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