Spoken Word


Yes I’m Guilty

Carbon burning down the world

Emission everyday , mother nature is dying

Corrupt at the top living their best life

Am on a mission,am not polite

Every human plays a part in killing this world

Pollution everyday , why you killing our world

Cutting trees for timber why do this for other

Yes am guilty nabuy nkidump

Am paying my taxes cant store waste in my house

Am on a mission am not polite

Revelation till end but but starts in our minds

Lets clean our soul before cleaning the world

More and extreme are dying we need oxygen for life

Yes am guilty why should I recycle

I buy the same kind couple time in a month

I cant store plastic am a A class would you mind?

Kids on the street watalala  wapi?

Taka zimetapaka kila kona

Na hakuna msee anaona kama hii ni noma

Am on a mission am not polite

Every human has a part to play make it right

Plant a tree lets recycle that’s polite

Stop emiting dangerous gases plastic enos

And fossil fuel that shit killed a life

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Spoken Word

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