Spoken Word

It Shall Be Okay

By Poet Denkuz

Helloi helloi lama sabaktani
Mungu wangu Mungu wangu mbona unaniacha….

Silence ndo term ma youth walifunzwa before wa learn ku speak out for themselves Na the truth is
Kwa cross Sir Jah alisema it’s over
But kwa life it’s not yet over…
Juu off late, of late, humans wameturn out
Kutake their own lives on their hands
Ati… cross ya Christ haikua enough,
So wameamua ku cross sides na kubeba msalaba wao

Juzi tulipoteza kama
Leo tumepigia Oti simu hashiki
It’s been three weeks since aonekane mtaa
Alisema atarudi kaa mwizi
But Leo mogaka, mogaka amerudi akiwa kwa casket Hatujui kaa alipatana na yesu mahali
Ama alijifanya mwizi, akageuzwa maiti

Generation imekua prone to sadness,
Anything living is either sad or pretending to be happy

Like a rose Sprouting on a summer with a winter feeling
Si ni seriously funny,
How you can be with someone for years,
yet you know nothing about what completes them completely

Yes we are humans
Maisha ni yako na kwa hii state najua haupangwingwi pia Lakini mazishi ni yetu
Unaeza shughulikia kila kitu but when you die
Some one else has to do something or two

Hey… Najua…
Najua something about pain, mental na feelings,
Najua about how hard it is sometimes
Najua about the bad days and dark days
Days unawish haunge wake up to see the sun
Days when you going to bed and you feel like there’s nothing to sleep for
Days ukiwa solo you got nothing to think about
Najua it’s scary, vile depression inahit
Najua about the silent battles and something about them is that you will get over them

So this is to you
Yes you,
Napray that you find peace listening to this piece Juu honestly, honestly niko na wewe

And I’m glad you are here with us
Without you I could not have spoken this piece Na ndo maana nataka uishi
Another day means another chance
Speak out cause it’s good to get help Depression is real na kuget help is real too

One thing about depression is that you need someone to speak out to My pray today is for you to get that someone
It’s okay not to be okay

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