Spoken Word

Isi Stay

By Morgan Mojih


Natumai direction tuta-take tusi-lose ourself,tusipoteze pia fikra za place ilianza,

Kwa hizi stanza,ntawapeleka back nkiongelea issues hapa ni spine,ooh chord itakua na music tulidance to the tune,some walilost lives kwa kifo nayo ni noma kua immune.

Injuries zika acquire land kwa bodies za some,ni mistakes tulimake ili-buid up hio harm.Kuthink outside that box missing saa ya ballot,leaders voted wametueka kwa a lot,sio mazuri how about tukue more careful next time tuki-vote.

Tusare kua influenced na politicians wametu-mess before,tusettle hii score,as long as tukose kulook deeper than party economy itastay hivo.Perhaps ni long since tukue na leaders all along ni politicians tunao,no fight for us always about interest zao solo.

Huku citizens wanalose daily bodies zikiget get weakly by the month.cause hata mlo imekua way high.

Love for each other tutahold,tusidestroy each other tujoin kusave the nation,na power si ndio the natural selection,Tunaeza have the best leaders iko all in our hands this am sure.

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Spoken Word


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