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How Much Is Democracy?


By Shesia the Poet

How sure are they that the one who did that was a kalenjin !?

Uasingishu is a cosmopolitan county and who knows maybe he or she was from Kimilili .

Who knows maybe it is one of them ,it is possible to have Judases amidst the group

Before anyone does anything in the name of politics ,being a common mwananchi remember politicians are politicians they will always lure and rarely cure ,

That is sure,

We are in a moment where free democracy is bought ,

Some will say it is because of economic sanctions that is why there is stiff and sky rocketing of commodities prices ,

Imagine piercing your friend’s ear in the name of politics ,

Imagine being unauthorized dentist and you end up removing your neighbours teeth with excuse that you are not with same name ,

All is to impress the master,

A master who believes oppression rule when his or her relatives are constipating along the beaches for having eaten too much recreations

Our youths are being fooled even after getting schooled,

Still they will have no option than to bow for their masters who owns what is less than their masters , They have been enslaved with ideas ,

They have been made and forced to lick their master’s foot and boot ,

In the name of appreciation when the truth is no one is ready to say word of congratulation to them , Who will they blame ?

Who will they blame for such shame and dirty game ?

To me I will blame our great grandfathers for introducing tribalism ,it is a disease which is hard to find cure ,

Especially in Kenya ,with words like “Kaa si wetu hatapenya

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