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Green Story

By Campos World

Today I wanna share you the green story,

My life is lil bit strange

Every day turning a new page regardless of the hiccups,

So this day bubbling my head out of the sand

Sunlight giving me a welcome, oh, this is amazing

The darkness in the soil nearly spoiled me..

And I’m here the fresh air is happily choking me

Everyone passing by commenting on how beautiful I looked

Green and full of life

Surrounded allover by  my brothers and sisters

Just a cross here a huge snake flowing water existing and everything in satisfaction

When the sun is too hot, this man who casted the seeds they say

comes over water us make us not Starve.

But unfortunately many moons later this man died and lot of things died with him,

The beautiful snake, that gave us life, dried up

They started throwing litter in it  and suffocatting everything and anything

That lived’ in it.

My brothers started missing one by one,

Now all remaining in a dry home..yes a dry home, no life in it

I’m here standing all alone, no food to feed me

No hope, screams won’t help either

I’m waiting for a miracle, the one who casted me died

But don’t let me die

Take care of me so will I

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Spoken Word


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