Leadership of shareholding: It’s a “who you know” country.”

Caroline Boyani

Linda graduated in 2022 from one of the universities in the coastal region of Kenya. She had high hopes of securing employment opportunity since the government has set aside opportunities for the youth such as the availability of funds to start a business. She decided to go and interview for a job vacancy at the county government with the hopes that she will be among the few that will be chosen due to her academic qualification and achievement such as being a former leader in college.

On the day of the interview, she goes prepared, full of confidence. She noticed two of the other candidates with small, brown envelopes while she had one that had her documents. She proceeded to the interview room and after she had answered the questions the best way she could is when she asked who she knows. “Who recommended you?” one of the panelists asks. “I saw the advert in the newspaper and decided to give it a try” she responds.

On her way out she notices ‘ This is a corrupt free zone’ written in bold words but in her heart, the words ‘corrupt fee zone’ ring threatening to blast her head. When will we outgrow these vices? Service delivery should be of high quality at no extra cost and so should be employment opportunities. She convinces herself that there is nowhere to report that, these people probably have those in high places protecting them.

On the other hand, Mr. Alex went to pick up the bursary allocation last week and unfortunately, his application was unsuccessful. One of the workers at the member of Parliament’s  office reminds him that rewards go to loyalists. Since he was campaigning for the opponent, he shouldn’t be prioritized.

Both Linda and Alex can report these cases and the perpetrators would be held accountable.  It’s a long shot since such things need determination and those pushing such agendas have ways of getting around without incriminating themselves, you wonder what happened to the integrity and oaths that leaders take to work diligently and be of service to all. Before we crucify leaders, some of them are transparent, it’s their middlemen that are crooked, in this way, they are tarnishing mheshimiwa’s name without his/her knowledge, and in the end, the resident is the one suffering.

It would be a great gesture if those leaders invested time in talking to the residents’ face to face, knowing how matters in their offices are handled. They can go a notch higher and install Cameras that can record what’s going on. Everyone should have an equal chance in government opportunities and services. To some it may sound like a threat but to others is a ray of hope, there is strength in the masses, and when justice catches up to you, not even money can save you.

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