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Environmental Mom

By Campos World

Bleeding pen, huu ni mkono unaandika..

Haya sio maandishi yaliyoandikwa Kwa ukuta na chaki…

Memories moyoni zimesaki…

Akilini mwetu umebaki..

Am not a story teller…

But I got a story to tell…

This not a fairy tale..

Or a story that will turn to be a myth one day..

Born on earth in our books she’ll ever stay..

Few years down the line…

Her legacy haijakua forgotten…

Simpaki mafuta Kwa mgongo wa chupa..

Sifa nazo kwake nitatupa..

Definition ya woman super..

25th September 2011 ilikua darkness

Wengi walilia na kutype R.I.P (rest in peace)

But am writing this piece with R.I.P (return if possible)

The first African woman to win the Nobel Prize..

In 1977, she founded the Green Belt Movement… an environmental non-governmental organization focused on the planting of trees….environmental conservation, and women’s rights. In 1984, she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award for converting the Kenyan ecological debate into mass action for reforestation…

She made us proud

So kati ya yeye na kiboko ni  Nani kiboko…

She stood up courageously against the former oppressive regime in Kenya…

Her unique forms of action  contributed to the drawing attention to political oppressions—nationally and internationally…

She served as an inspiration for many in the fight for democratic rights and  especially encouraged women to better their situation…


Kaa ni wimbo nitamuimbia…

Niko sure ataisikia..

Kama ni Ngoma nitampigia..

Sifa nazo nitammwagia..

Generation inakuja watamtambua..

Saa hii environment tunaitunza..

Miti tunaipanda..

Wangari mathai..

Daima tutakukumbuka..

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