Spoken Word

Story of Violence

By Art Salim

A moment of silence,

To those living in agony , trying to free themselves from the hands of a visitor,

Who forcefully wants to become the host

Houses have been turned to forts,

Lives brought to halt.

Peace has lost meaning, everywhere you walk you hear cracks of bullets,

Humanity has lost meaning  innocent blood is shed.

In their hearts no trace of mercy

Yes, I understand that I’m made of black but Iin my DNA runs red, white and green stains,.

The colour of justice is not white  neither does it have sweetness of taste and that’s why it’s called the bitter truth ,

I speak on behalf of the silent souls of monarchs who have left their kingdoms with no heir

speaking on behalf of those bleeding hearts evident with streams of tears on their face.

Families left homeless, children left care less

Breadwinners lay dead along the dusty paths

It pains

I can’t stand walking in bloodbaths

Of innocent  souls just being steadyfast in the line of religion but given the title of ‘terrorist’

This is leaving me with no peace,

Not comfortable to stand in the shade

So I choose to stand with Palestine

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