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Shujaa Ni Nani

By Shesia The Poet

This is the day,,,,,we celebrate our shujaas

You dont have kuvunja revord ndio ukue shujaa in someones life

You dont have kujionesha vile we ni supa hero

You dont have to fake your life ndio ukue ule msee(shujaa)

You dont have to be famous ndio uitwe shujaa

It all determines na actions zako kwa the world

It all determines with the little things you do kumake the life of someone complete

It all determines with the little things you sacrifice to make the one you love happy and contented

Well thats up to me unaeza nicorrect nikilook wrong

This day marks an important thing kwa our lives

Tunafaa kucelebrate mashujaa wa kenya,,,appreciate what they did

And at least give back to them what we can afford even if ni hug ,,,,its better

Mashujaa wa kenya hushindwa walipotelea wapy

The government of kenya l??????does it make any effort kugive back kwa hawa mashujaa ama walisha


They careless about there well being hua hawatambui

They only hold events worth millions of money

But hawawezi toa even a thousand shilling kupeleka our shujaas to the hospital

They cant even take a coin kuwanunulia chakula

They cant even give them whats rightfully theres

They are suffering because of this country

A country they risked for

A country they fought for

A country that has only brought pain in there lives

They loved there country more than themselves

But the government cannot treasure that,,,,I really wonder

Still mashujaa day is highly valued

For me ata kama sina kitu ya kuwapea

I can only pray kwa sir Jah awalinde

Awaongoze kwa hii life,,,,,also a hug ya kucomfort can do

I treasure the sacrifice you made

I respect you soo much our shujaas

Including everyone who is in my life who is not a fake All those

who are always there for pple

All those who supports without regret

All those who treasures whats seems not precious to others

You are a shujaa

Big up



And unity

To spread all over the country today

As you celebrate your shujaas

Happy mashujaa day


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