According to the Star Newspaper, on the 25th of March, a police officer from Kamukunji police station sunk into an uncovered hole and was swept by raging water. His body is yet to be found.

Heavy rainfall is not a new thing in the country, and every time it rains, there is destruction, with some people losing their lives while others are displaced. The situation is made worse by the lack of proper drainage systems- incompetence by those responsible for drilling holes and inconsiderate individuals who build houses along the banks of rivers.

While constructing or repairing roads, some constructors unintentionally leave uncovered holes, sometimes due to condensed budgets, as they rush to complete the work before deadlines while giving little thought to the safety of the pedestrians.

On the other hand, cities like Nairobi are flooded by individuals seeking a livelihood. Yet there are no well-constructed houses to house them all effectively, giving rise to selfish individuals who build industries and houses alongside river beds, preventing the rivers from flowing freely. Nairobi River is one of the rivers affected.

With it raining heavily, the river flooded and displaced residents of a part of the Viwandani ward while destroying properties- industries, houses and even a school.

These houses and industries had to be commissioned and approved by a government official before being constructed, who ought to have realized it’s a risk factor to build them a few meters from a river that floods when it heavily rains.

Despite the harsh conditions of life, we should not be inconsiderate of how nature can pay back when we go against it. Those responsible for construction oversight should follow ethics and procedures before approving the construction of houses, roads and companies. They should also ensure they have not cornered rivers that seasonally flood. Being careful and thorough in their work, like ensuring they have covered holes and effectively placed drainages at the right places, will go a long way in safeguarding lives.

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