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By Campos World

If I be the president, I swear I’d do my very best To lift this nation up, and put our minds at ease from stress I’d start by tackling poverty that’s plaguing our streets And offering aid to those in need, no more hunger do we meet.

I’d bring about policies that protect and celebrate diversity Love and acceptance as the norm, not just a rare commodity I’d work to end the violence and promote peace in every way A world where unity does reign, where equality has full sway.

Providing access to education, and quality healthcare Where the sick can get the care they need, and the teachers are well prepared Innovation and technology, would be the driving force Driving growth, creating jobs, where people would pursue their dreams, of course.

I’d engage with other nations with diplomacy and tact No more war or struggle, forever we stay intact Climate change, our planet’s foe, we’d tackle together Creating a safer, cleaner world, for ourselves and all future generations forever.

If I be the president, I’d work tirelessly for the people A nation thriving, united and peaceful So let’s join hands, and lift each other up Supporting one another, as we thrive and rise above.


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