Spoken Word

Broken Mirror

By Campos World

“Hey son, i will be away for sometime, be good,

Take care of the family i love you,”

I’m looking myself in the mirror,

But i can’t see the reflection cause the mirror is broken..

I have been trying to pick up the broken pieces

But nothing is easy..

They’re piercing my arms, cutting me, bleeding  mercilessly..

And  of all the pieces that i have collected they don’t fit..

A piece is missing..

You left your son under the sun, small boy called Baraka that’s blessings..

But now nishakua man they call Campos world poet ,the Legend in making..

It started out as a joke but now it’s money making..

Nothing is easy without you around..

Seeing mom hiding tears and pain behind the smile drains…

I don’t know if you’re a thousand miles away, but i’m sure when you come back…she’ll gain..

How am i supposed to tell my siblings that am not their Dad

Cause for moons they have been living to believe that

How am I supposed to tell them that dad is some stranger who will walk through our days one day..

I’m trying to take care of the home

But the gap is visible

And the pain unbearable

The family needs you now more than ever…

I remember that chilly morning you gave us a bye that you will be back…

Years  passed and our eyes still locked to that gate

Our hearts still filled with hope..

And i know you’re alive..

Am still where you left me..

Clinched to the promises that you’ll be back holding that pipi ya kijiti

Hope this letter finds you, I don’t know where and how


Come home soon dad..

We miss you, and we love you…

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