The Modern Kibuye Market, Advancing Trade in Kisumu County

By Treezer Michelle Atieno

The upgrading of Kibuye Market in Kisumu County has heralded a transformative era, breathing new life into the local trading landscape, and elevating the livelihoods of traders and residents of the county. This contemporary commercial haven has triumphed over a medley of obstacles that once plagued traders, establishing itself as a nucleus of economic vigor in the region.

Over 2000 traders have been allocated space at the modern market and 1500 more are set to occupy other parts of the market once phase two of the project is complete.

” Ksh. 315 million has been used in phase one and additional Ksh. 185 million will be spent in phase two.” Said Hon. Anyang’ Nyong’o, the Governor of Kisumu County, during the launch of the market.

The most significant achievement of this renovation was overcoming the shortage of proper infrastructure and facilities that had troubled the traders. Previously, Kisumu County’s traders navigated through congested and unsanitary conditions, often grappling with the absence of elemental necessities like potable water, sanitation facilities, and storage areas.

The completion of the Kibuye Market has furnished these traders with a meticulously designed and organized space. This hub brims with modern amenities, including a clean water supply, refined waste disposal systems, and capacious storage provisions. Such enhancements have drastically ameliorated working conditions, forging an environment conducive to safer and more productive commerce.

The market’s transformative sway extends further. A pivotal stride lies in its effective curbing of informal trading. Preceding its renovation, a multitude of traders operated within unregulated perimeters, mostly without official permits or licenses.

A regulated space has currently become the new norm, necessitating traders to secure licenses and align with market regulations. The structured trading setup has enabled the county government to monitor and manage trading endeavors while ensuring compliance with health and safety protocols.

Furthermore, the market stands as a sentinel of food security in Kisumu County. Teeming with an array of food vendors, the market stocks fresh produce for residents. This ensures access to nutritious supplies at affordable prices. The expansion of the market also guarantees a seamless stream of goods, mitigating post-harvest losses for farmers in the area.

Kibuye Market, which is the largest open-air market in East and Central Africa, now exudes an exuberant allure that beckons customers from neighboring regions and within the county itself. Not to be overlooked, this market’s nurturing embrace has fostered the growth of fledgling enterprises, bestowing them with a launchpad to showcase their wares and cultivate their brands.

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