Rising insecurity cases in Kakamega

By Lucy Maina

Kakamega is facing a problem with insecurity as people don’t feel safe because there are too many crimes happening. Crimes like theft, assault, and even worse things like robbery and violence are making life difficult for the people living there.

The reasons for this insecurity are varied. Sometimes, there aren’t enough police officers to keep the town safe. Other times, it’s because people are struggling with poverty and turn to crime to survive. There might also be gangs or groups causing trouble in the area.

Whatever the reasons, the people of Kakamega are worried. They want to be able to go about their daily lives without fear of being harmed or having their things stolen. They’re calling on the government and local authorities to take action to improve security in the town.

Everyone needs to work together to address this issue. This might mean increasing police presence to support those in need and creating opportunities for young people to desist from crime. Only by working together can Kakamega become a safer place for everyone.

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