No Pay for Absentee Doctors, says Kisumu County

By Treezer Michelle Atieno

In a decisive move, Kisumu County has declared that doctors who have abstained from work during the ongoing strike will not receive remuneration. Governor Anyang Nyong’o announced the county’s stance, citing adherence to labor laws and the necessity for accountability in service delivery.

The county cabinet engaged in extensive discussions to address the healthcare crisis, ultimately resolving that healthcare workers who have refrained from their duties will not be compensated for the corresponding period. Governor Nyong’o emphasized the importance of adhering to the Labor Relations Act and delegated the County Secretary and the public service board to enforce this decision.

Nyong’o clarified that according to the Labor Relations Act, the county would not provide remuneration for work not performed. Therefore, healthcare workers who have been absent from their designated workplace and have withdrawn their services will not be remunerated. This firm stance underscores the county’s commitment to accountability and efficient service delivery.

In response to the withdrawal of postgraduate training doctors, Kisumu County has initiated plans to employ doctors on short-term contracts urgently. This move aims to ensure the provision of essential healthcare services to the community, particularly at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH).

Additionally, the county has expedited the employment of doctors on short-term contracts to address the shortage of medical practitioners, particularly at JOOTRH. Health workers undergoing specialty training at JOOTRH will now be required to establish service level agreements with the hospital to ensure predictability and clear accountability for service delivery.

Despite efforts to resolve concerns raised by healthcare workers, some practitioners have remained steadfast in their strike action. However, Governor Nyong’o reiterated the county government’s commitment to upholding high standards in healthcare delivery and urged medical practitioners to engage in constructive dialogue.

Nyong’o expressed gratitude to dedicated healthcare workers who continue to provide essential services during these challenging times. He acknowledged their commitment and professionalism while reaffirming the county’s dedication to addressing challenges collaboratively with healthcare workers and stakeholders.

The Governor highlighted the county’s efforts in healthcare provision, including comprehensive medical schemes for all county employees, consistent recruitment of doctors, and initiatives to facilitate further studies and continuous professional development for medical practitioners.

Despite these efforts, a segment of healthcare practitioners has chosen to walk out of their duties, a decision regretted by the county government. Nyong’o emphasized the county’s openness to dialogue with stakeholders to find lasting solutions prioritizing the health and welfare of the community.

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