Kisumu County Releases Sh51.2 million Bursary for Needy Students

By Treezer Michelle Atieno

In a bid to support bright and needy students amidst challenging economic times, the Kisumu County government has allocated a total of Sh51.2 million for bursaries and full scholarships. This initiative aims to provide financial relief to students struggling to meet their educational expenses and ensure their smooth transition into the new academic term.

Governor Anyang Nyong’o, speaking on behalf of the county government, expressed the importance of alleviating the financial burden faced by many students and their families. He emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring that no deserving student is left behind due to financial constraints.

The allocation, part of the county’s financial year 2023/2024 budget, is set to benefit approximately 1,050 students across the county. Governor Nyong’o highlighted the significance of partnerships with organizations such as Equity Bank, KCB, Family Bank, Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company (KIWASCO), and the national government in supporting similar initiatives aimed at assisting needy students.

Since 2017, the county government has continuously invested in education, disbursing significant amounts in scholarships and bursaries. Governor Nyong’o revealed that over Sh1 billion has been allocated towards scholarships and bursaries, benefiting thousands of students over the years. This commitment underscores the government’s dedication to promoting education and empowering the youth.

To ensure transparency and accountability in the distribution of bursaries and scholarships, County and Ward Education Bursary and Scholarship committees have been established. These committees are responsible for vetting applications and ensuring that only deserving cases receive financial assistance.

Governor Nyong’o urged school principals to cooperate with the county government in the disbursement process by issuing receipts for the funds received. He also called upon beneficiaries to promptly submit the necessary documentation to the Department of Education to facilitate the smooth processing of their bursaries and scholarships.

In addition to supporting students in formal education, the county government has also invested in vocational training centers to enhance economic development in the region. Governor Nyong’o highlighted the importance of vocational training in equipping youth with practical skills and announced plans to increase the allocation for vocational training programs.

The announcement of the Sh51.2 million bursary allocation comes as a welcome relief to many students and their families in Kisumu County. It reaffirms the government’s commitment to investing in education and creating opportunities for all students to fulfill their academic potential. Through collaborative efforts and continued support from stakeholders, the county aims to ensure that every student has access to quality education and the opportunity to succeed.

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