Kisumu City Manager Bans CBD Vending

By Treezer Michelle Atieno

City Manager Michael Abala Wanga has introduced a ban on vendors within the Central Business District (CBD) in a move to reshape Kisumu’s urban landscape. This decision, marked by its intent to usher in positive change, is poised to have a ripple effect, influencing various facets of the city’s dynamics.

Wanga’s ban, strategically crafted to encourage traders to migrate to the newly completed Uhuru Business Park and other modern markets, comes with a shift in enforcement strategy. Unlike previous approaches involving goods confiscation, the emphasis now is on potential arrests and substantial fines for those not adhering to the ban.

The ban’s impact extends beyond the economic sphere, triggering a series of changes that promise to redefine urban living. Foremost is the expected decongestion of the CBD, fostering a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere and a smoother traffic flow. As vendors find new spaces, the urban landscape anticipates transformation towards organization and accessibility.

Beyond economic considerations, the ban catalyzes a broader urban renewal initiative.  Targeting areas around Oile and Taifa public parks, this initiative prioritizes the security and well-being of residents and park-goers alike.

The ban’s effects also touch on matters of cleanliness and orderliness. Wanga’s call to to remove  stalls obstructing drainages and unapproved operations outside the Jubilee market and bus park reflects a dedication to a cleaner city. This commitment extends to addressing sugarcane waste on roads through a new tax for cane-hauling trailers, showcasing a comprehensive strategy for a visually appealing and organized urban environment.

The ban triggers  positive changes, reaching beyond economic considerations and influencing traffic management, cleanliness, and the overall vibrancy of the urban centre. As the city undergoes this transformative journey, it lays the groundwork for a more accessible, organized, and thriving urban experience.

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