Expectations on Joining OGP LOCAL

By David Jomo

Good governance is on of the ‘big six’ promises H.E FCPA Fernandes Baraza OGW made to locals of Kakamega county. About two years after election, his service delivery models have been questioned and praised. Much has been done, from building a working team to hosting recently much hyped Kakamega International Investment Conference (KAIICO 2024)

On 16th April 2024 marked a day to remember in terms of governance within the county. This was the day Kakamega county joined membership in Open Government Partnership Local. An application had earlier on been made, and so as it seems, was successful.

Kakamega joins other local governments from accros the globe, with only Machakos County being the other only one within this great Republic.

The main objective of Open Government Partnership (OGP) is to improve service delivery in respective jurisdictions. Policies, initiatives and interventions are taken to ensure residents gets a more open, accessible, accountable and transparent government.


Siri kali ya Serikali notion will diminish. Getting some information from the county is quite a challenge. On 15th Feb, I attended county public participation on CFSP in Lugari sub County. Despite we discussing matters partaining county budget, there was no copy of the CFSP report that ought to be reviewed.

Having meaningful public participation is one thing I will be hoping to see going forward. This will fully reflect ambitions of our 2010 constitution, that mandates citizens to have a say in governance matters.

Due to the vital role civil society actors have in social development in the county, it is my expectation that a robust engagement will be forged between them and county government. Such partnerships will not only build trust among locals but also, foster sustainable development.

Civil society organisations under one network of Kakamega Community Of Practice, work together with an aim to unify forces for the better good of Kakamega. Joining hands with county government will be something I endeavour to see.  After all, two is better than one.

More opportunities should be made targeting youths. This will include but not limited in investing in education, arts and culture and digital resources.

Just recently, the National government vowed in construction of digital hubs across the nation. That sounds quite encouraging. With Talanta Hela initiative  preparations for coming CHAN games still on course, all these will come handy only if local youths are equipped with knowledge and skills that will aid in establishing themselves.

In conclusion, building a prosperous society requires utilizing every opportunity that shows on the way. OGP might be a start, but highlighting success witnessed in other states,  it can be replicated in this county.

It is not too late to rub off vices that still lets us down, such as corruption.

We can rewrite our Green Jewel story to a much prideful confession.

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