Digital Registration for Mosquito Nets in Otonglo to Ensure Equitable Sharing

By Treezer Michelle Atieno

Residents of Otonglo village in Kisumu West sub-county are excited about a new way to sign up for mosquito nets to prevent malaria. Instead of waiting in long lines at the Kodiaga Prison Health Center, they now get a special code sent to their phones.

“It’s amazing! We can register for nets without leaving home,” says Jane Odongo, one of the villagers.

Grace Nyagol, a community health worker, explains why this change is important. “The old way wasn’t fair. Some got too many nets, others got none. Now, with digital registration, everyone has a fair chance.”

Sarah Auma, a mother of three, is relieved. “I got my code last week. I’m glad we won’t miss out on nets this time.”

Samuel Obiero, another health worker, is happy to help with the new system. “We’re in control of our health now. Every household gets what they need.”

The new registration method brings hope to Otonglo. “With more access to nets, we can keep our community healthier,” Samuel says.

The villagers’ excitement shows that simple changes can make a big difference. “This new way is more than just a change. It’s hope for the future,” Jane concludes.

With the new digital system, Otonglo residents are confident that everyone will get the mosquito nets they need to protect themselves from malaria. They no longer have to worry about long lines or unfair distribution.

“The best part is that we can’t cheat the system anymore,” David points out. “With the registration code, each household gets exactly what they’re supposed to.”

Sarah agrees, “It’s a relief to know that we won’t have to rely on luck to get nets. Now, everyone has an equal chance.”

Grace and Samuel are proud to be part of the campaign. “We’re making a real difference in people’s lives,” Grace says. “And it’s all thanks to this new registration system.”

Samuel adds, “I’ve seen firsthand how devastating malaria can be. But now, with more people getting nets, we can prevent the spread of the disease.”

As Otonglo continues to embrace the digital registration system, the future looks brighter than ever. “We’re taking control of our health,” David says with a smile. “And that’s something worth celebrating.”

The implementation of the digital registration system marks a significant step forward in the fight against malaria in Otonglo village and Kenya entirely.

Digital registration and distribution of mosquito nets is part of the broader agenda by the Ministry of Health to Digitize its functions. The ministry, for the last 1 year has spearheaded the distribution of smartphones to Community Health Workers to improve community record keeping of various health challenges for proper follow up and intervention systems.

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