Complete Namasanda Health Center! Namasanda Resident Calls Upon the County Government.

By Seliphar Machoni 

Namasanda residents from Matungu Sub County have called upon the county government of Kakamega to complete Namasanda health center to enable them access proper health care. The Namasanda health facility is a health project that was initiated by former Kakamega County Governor Wycliffe Oparanya in 2018.

In an interview with Siasa Place Kenya, some of the residents said that the health facility was to be completed by 2019 during the former governor’s regime, but until now the process is moving at a snail’s pace.

“This project was here since 2018 during Governor Operanyas tenure until now the facility is not yet complete.” Said Bornface Namasanda resident. More than 6000 residents of the Namasanda area looked upon the completion of the facility to save them from walking long distances in search of the services. 

“We were so happy when the former governor started this project here in Namasanda to provide healthcare services to us residents. We thought that our long distance walk would be reduced, but until now we are still seeking services from the nearby sub county or we go a long way to a neighboring county which is so expensive,” said Bornface.

Even though a few rooms in the hospital building have now been branded to offer minor healthcare services to the Namasanda residents, there is a lot to be done at the health center.

“When we complained about the hospital that is when few rooms were branded to start providing services. The only services offered here are medical check ups. No drugs, no medical equipment, only one nurse was employed here by the county government to provide services to more than 6000 residents. Even with the branded rooms we still seek medical services in another sub county or other hospitals that are far away from here.” Said Michael Namachanja Namasanda resident

Since most of the motorists are the ones used mainly to transport patients from Namasanda to other hospitals they complained of insecurity especially when transporting patients at odd hours and poor transport. 

“One day I was taking an expectant woman to another neighboring hospital for delivery. At night, it was raining, making it harder for me to rush her to the hospital because the road is not tarmacked, and I was worried about the state of the patient. To add on that, on my way to another hospital before I arrive at the main road, there is a small forest and a valley that I was supposed to cross. Too bad the expectant woman had to miscarry on the way to the hospital. If this Namasanda hospital was on and operating, it would have saved the patient a lot,” one of the motorists and a resident said.

According to the residents, the health facility was used as a campaigning tool by most of the candidates in the August 2022 elections.

“What amuses me is that when our area Member of County Assembly  was campaigning for the MCA seat the hospital was one of his manifestors. He promised to complete the hospital. He even promised to expand and fully equip it. He won the election but since then he has never stepped foot here again, even our member of parliament they act as if this hospital doesn’t exist. Too sad.” Said Tabitha Makomere Namasanda resident 

Namasanda residents called upon the area MCA and the Kakamega County Governor Fernandes Barasa to jointly come to their aid and fully complete the healthcare facility to save them from seeking services at other hospitals.

“We as Namasanda residents are calling upon the county government and our MCA to work together and complete this hospital for the sake of Namasanda residents. Provide nurses and doctors, drugs and equipment for us to get fully medical services. To add on that to also provide means of transport where patients can be reached or used incase of emergencies to save on life.” 


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