The Dehumanizing Trend of Violence in the Modern Era

By Tabitha.

In today’s world, compassion seems to be a rare commodity. We find ourselves in an era where hearts are hardened and eyes are blind to the suffering of others. Violence has become pervasive, corroding the humanity within us.

What was once considered abnormal has now been normalized. We passively accept crime, even glorify it through likes and shares on social media. It’s as if we’ve become the selfish beings prophesied, consumed by self-interest.

We’re witnessing the insidious spread of violence masquerading as entertainment. Bloody videos and images of death are shared online, with perpetrators hailed as heroes. We watch these atrocities without batting an eye, mindlessly pressing the like button as if it were a form of approval.

Violence is a contagion, infecting minds and souls across the globe. When individuals stand idly by, recording the suffering of others, what moral compass guides their actions?

We’ve seen it happen too often: a man bleeding to death, a woman battered unconscious, a victim swept away by floodwaters—all captured on camera for the world to see. Each day brings a new horror, leaving us to wonder what depths humanity will sink to next.

It’s time for action. Laws governing the recording of crime scenes must be enforced rigorously. Citizens must adhere to these regulations, and governments must enact stricter measures to combat this despicable trend.

To safeguard the mental well-being of society and stem the tide of sadism, we must act now. We cannot allow this culture of violence to take root any further. It’s time to uproot it before it consumes us all.

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