The Beloved Rock

By Waceke (21STARS)

He was the son, beloved son

Everything that the young people admired

His sense of style and body oozed everyone towards him

To the oldies, he was the son they wished for

He was the urban definition of starting from the bottom.

He was from a lineage of struggle and pain

He thoroughly campaigned amongst my uncle for a hand in marriage

He was perfect in their eyes

He was our loaded generational hope

A sweet tooth of lies

A confident lying lion

He was hailed in praise each time he set foot in our village

When his first wife called to warn me

We pretended not to understand what she meant

We were the 21st century Israelites who had smeared blood on our doors

We pretended to live in a different world

The elders could not question the handsome son when the rock started cracking

I could not elope, and the elders could not chase him away

He was our 21st century messiah

He was to free us from the shackles of poverty

Free us from shackles of pain, something my four brother- in-laws could never do

He was to upgrade our community bicycles

Free us from a community of trauma

He was to save and solve our problems in a heartbeat

But years later

Old age has joined the higher realm

We are still Waiting for change

Drunk on his expensive liquor

Cussing him out sometimes

Frustrated with regrets

He was to feed us with pastries that the rest could not afford

He believed that we could build a lineage free from trauma and pain

We are still in the wildness going round and round the mountain

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