Security should be everyone’s responsibility

By Habiba Wakio

Issa hid behind the vacant building across the road, waiting for the right moment. Despite the challenges he faced, he always found solace in the outcome. That kept him going. As he waited for his victim, he felt like a lion waiting for its prey—patient and calculating. He adjusted the mask, which had shifted to the side, causing an itch in his eye. Now that he could see clearly, there won’t be a hitch in his plan. A satisfactory smile formed on his lips.

Meanwhile, Zuena’s eyes were glued to her phone as she walked to the stage. She broke into laughter after listening to an audio recording from her sister. She had not informed her sister about her surprise visit as she had decided to spend time with her elder sister during her off day.

As she walked, she observed her surroundings, noticing that Changamwe had not changed much except for the houses built close to each other, leaving only a narrow path in between.

Suddenly, Zuena felt her phone pulled out of her hand. When she turned, she saw a young man running away. She ran after him, screaming, “Thief! Catch the thief!” The man who had snatched her phone took a left turn at the corner ahead and disappeared down a narrow path. Zuena made her strides, tears stinging her eyes. Some people stared at her, while others joined in the pursuit. When the thief was no longer in sight, Zuena dropped to her knees, finally giving up her chase.

The thief made his way to his home, a mud house with only one room. He was breathing heavily by the time he got to the door. His mother hastily let him in and locked the door from inside. Later in the evening, after selling the phone and giving his mother a share of the money, he set off to one of his hunting grounds.

As darkness enveloped him, he reached his other hideout. He grinned as his next victim appeared. Crouching silently, he watched as the man parked his car and began heading south. Issa appeared before the man, holding a knife close to his stomach. The man flinched. “Give me everything you have,” Issa demanded.

A shot rang out. Issa fell, dropping his knife. The man stepped back, joined by his colleague. “Are you okay, sir?” he asked. Their mission was successful. The police had been hunting down thieves for a while.

Issa’s mother wept when she heard the news. She realized that she had failed as a mother. If she had been lenient with her child, she could have saved him from himself.

“We are all responsible for security in our area,” the chief said during a community baraza. “Kindly report any lawbreakers you know to contribute to the safety of our community. Let’s work together.”

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