Residents of Nyalenda B in Kisumu Voice Concerns about Joblessness and Poor Representation

By Treezer Michelle Atieno

Residents of Nyalenda B ward in Kisumu County have raised concerns about the continued joblessness and unequal sharing of the available resources. Duration the baraza organized by Siasa Place on 30th January at Tom Mboya Social Hall, the issue of joblessness was a recurring theme, with many expressing their frustration at the lack of employment opportunities in the area.

One resident, Mary Akinyi, spoke about the struggles she and her peers face in finding stable employment. “We have young people here who are willing and able to work, but there are simply no jobs available. It’s sad to see so much potential going to waste,” she lamented.

Another pressing concern raised by the residents was the lack of access to their area MCA (Member of County Assembly). John Ochieng, a long-time resident of Nyalenda B, emphasized the importance of having a representative who actively engages with the community. “Our MCA seems to be unreachable most of the time. We need someone who listens to our needs and advocates for us at the county level,” he asserted.

Furthermore, the exclusion of youths from local projects was a point of contention for many at the baraza. “We are often left out when it comes to decision-making about projects that directly impact our community. Our voices are not being heard,” expressed Grace Achieng, a youth leader in Nyalenda B.

In light of these concerns, there were resounding calls for action and change from the residents. Mary Akinyi urged local leaders to prioritize job creation initiatives and support entrepreneurship among the youth. “We need practical solutions that can uplift our community. It’s time for our leaders to take meaningful steps towards addressing unemployment,” she urged.

John Ochieng emphasized the need for improved communication and accessibility from their MCA. “We elected our representative to be our voice, but we need them to be present and actively involved in addressing our issues,” he stressed.

The residents also suggested that communication be strengthened between them and political leaders so that they can get timely and accurate information on bursaries, loans, scholarships and projects in the ward.

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