Need for Timely Bursary Disbursement in Kenya

By Treezer Michelle Atieno

As schools in Kenya have reopened, the delayed disbursement of National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) cash has escalated into a crisis, affecting the educational aspirations of countless students, particularly those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

On 10th of January 2024, residents of Kisumu County flocked the Kisumu Central CDF office, demanding the release of bursaries. The gravity of this situation is exacerbated by the fact that the government’s assurances, often communicated through letters, are now losing their value in the eyes of schools.

Despite the hopeful anticipation surrounding the reopening of schools, learners from poor families face a harsh reality. The delay in disbursing NG-CDF cash to constituencies since July 2023 has left students without the crucial financial support they rely on to pay their fees.

The promise of increased funds, outlined in the new Constituency Development Act, has not materialized as expected, leaving many needy students in a state of uncertainty about their education.

While at the CDF offices, voiced their frustrations with most outlining the endless promises by the government to release the funds.Their grievances are justified, as the delay not only jeopardizes the education of deserving students but also undermines the government’s commitment to providing equal educational opportunities.

Compounding the problem is the government’s continued issuance of letters to students, urging them to return to school despite the non-disbursement of funds. Unfortunately, these letters are now losing their value in the eyes of schools. The delayed funds have created a situation where schools, facing their own financial constraints, are unable to accommodate students without the necessary fees.

Needy students, who should be focusing on their studies, are instead caught in a web of uncertainty and financial strain. The education sector, which plays a pivotal role in the country’s development, is now grappling with a crisis that threatens the very foundation of equal educational opportunities.

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