Kudos Mama Mboga

By David Jomo.

2022 general election brought into the limelight a class of workers known as the Mama Mbogas. informed the decision made by the electorate. But there is more to just influencing decision-making these groups of people are vital to our society.

Managing and attending to groceries, Mama Mbogas are champions for good health.  Selling ripe fruits and fresh vegetables, and essential spices, they actively contribute to the wellbeing of the general population.  They are also experts in advising on the best combination of food for a particular condition. So, the next time you feel your calcium level has dropped, visit your nearest Mama Mboga.

In our digital society, where we choose fast and easier routes home, Mama Mbogas is a replica of determined, patient individuals. Sitting at their stalls, these women might spend hours without getting a customer.  The good thing about them is they never lose hope. With a smile, they will greet a prospective client, hiding their frustrations and tiredness they might be experiencing. Their unwavering perseverance serves as a profound lesson in the virtue of patience.

On average, a stall is operated by two people- the owner and a helper, creating a well-orchestrated operation. These commercial traders, the Mama Mbogas, have not only created job opportunities but also whole ecosystems. This extends from the farmers and transporters to business transactions platforms such as Tende Pay. Positioned at the pinnacle of the trade chain, Mama Mbogas command what is ordered and what is subsequently delivered.

Among comrades, Mama Mboga is referred to as ‘Matheh’, a slang for Mother. Their presence in the university environment proves to be highly beneficial for students.  They act as parents for the students, transacting their businesses but also offering credit in terms of goods they offer. Most students consider these traders to be lifesavers, and some have gone to   even purchase shares in some of the stalls, aiming for sustainable financial independence.

Even though some have not fully received a formal education, their reputation supersedes degree protocols.  Their skills in calculations, customer satisfaction and managing small and micro enterprises are unmatched.  This year’s Women’s Day, I celebrate this amazing group:  Kudos kwa kazi nzuri!

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