Kenyans Demand Urgent Action: High Cost of Living Tops Concerns, According to Comprehensive InfoTrack Survey

By Seliphar Machoni

In a recent and comprehensive survey conducted by InfoTrack, Kenyan citizens are vocalizing their concerns about the challenging economic landscape.

The study reveals that 26% of respondents identify the high cost of living as the foremost issue in the nation, closely followed by a 13% unemployment rate. This sentiment underscores the pressing need for government intervention to alleviate economic hardships.

A key demand from citizens is a reduction in fuel prices, with many expressing the need for immediate relief in the face of strenuous  economic conditions.

Additionally, 12% of respondents are calling for urgent measures to address the escalating costs of education, especially in rural schools where fees have become burdensome.

Taxation is another major point of contention, as 12% of those surveyed are urging the government to lower taxes, particularly on basic commodities. The increase in taxation has contributed to the perceived unbearable cost of living, prompting citizens to advocate for a more financially sustainable environment.

Beyond these economic concerns, 6% of Kenyans are seeking support in the agricultural sector to navigate economic challenges effectively.

Simultaneously, the same percentage is urging the government to lower interest rates on loans, recognizing the impact on personal and small business finances.

Interestingly, healthcare improvements are highlighted by only 2% of respondents, indicating a relative prioritization of economic concerns over other sectors. Additionally, poverty reduction efforts are requested by a mere 1% of those surveyed.

Notably, a minimal 0.1% of respondents expressed concern about the government’s efforts to combat drugs and substance abuse. While this issue ranks lowest on the list of citizen concerns, it remains a part of the broader landscape that InfoTrack’s survey has illuminated.

In essence, the survey provides a comprehensive snapshot of the multifaceted challenges faced by Kenyans, urging the government to address economic issues promptly and effectively.

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