Dear Mkubwa

By Waceke (21 STARS)

Through years of enduring insults, my resilience tested,

Days of hunger, a stomach unrested.

Weeks without sleep, my eyes never blinked,

Overworked, my right side now distinctly linked.

All for progress, to break free from the block,

Promises made to my daughter, gifts in stock.

Exams aced, celebrations were sought,

Tiny victories back home, goodies were bought.

Contracts extended, homes rearranged,

For a better life, priorities changed.

Bags of treasures for my entire kin,

Yet hurdles arise as I strive to win.

But alas, at the entryway stands a blockade,

Will they take it all? A fear cascade.

Empty shelves and tear-filled streets,

The dissonance between promises and feats.

Do the rules apply to your own? I plea,

Or only to those, not born of the same tree?

In the midst of challenges, hopes start to sway,

Actions diverge from the words you say.

Such is life’s journey, a tumultuous ride,

Striving for better, with fate as our guide.

Yet, in the face of hardship, I stand true,

For perseverance and hope will see me through.

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