Challenges Facing Schools: Infrastructure and Conditions in Kakamega

By Lucy Maina

In Kakamega, schools are facing significant problems with their buildings and facilities. Many classrooms are old and falling apart. When it rains, the roofs leak, disrupting students’ concentration.

Eshisenye Primary School, located in Kakamega, has 370 students. However, the infrastructure is far from ideal, with the school having potholes in classrooms and 7 unhygienic ablution blocks. The same case applies to Mubhesta Primary School in Ikolomani Sub County.

Some schools lack crucial facilities like libraries, labs, or sports areas, leading to students missing learning opportunities and activities that could help them succeed.

Classes are often overcrowded, with too many students for one teacher, making it hard for students to learn well and for teachers to give them the attention they need.

These problems don’t just affect learning—they also make school a less happy place for students and teachers. Everyone deserves a safe and pleasant school where they can learn and grow.

We need help from the government, school leaders, and the community to address these issues. We must work together to repair buildings, add better facilities, and ensure enough space for everyone to learn comfortably. With these improvements, we can give every student in Kakamega the chance to thrive in school and beyond.

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