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Youth in Governance

By Campos World

Youth in governance is a must, Their voices need to be heard, not hushed.

Gone are the days of older reign, It’s time for the young to take the lane.

They are the ones who’ll bear the brunt, Of all the decisions made upfront.

Their future lies in the hands of those, Who’ll bring in new age policies and rows.

The youth have ideas fresh and bold, Breaking through the shackles of the old. Their innovative minds can pave the way, For a brighter tomorrow every day.

It’s time to let the youth take charge, As they ignite a much-needed spark. Their energy and passion will drive, The change we need to come alive

The youth of today are rising high, In politics

They are ready to apply. No longer do they want to watch, As the old guard calls every shot.

They’re the generation that will inherit, And with passion and purpose, they will merit. Their ideals are fresh, their vision new, And it’s time for the old guard to make room.

They understand that change is needed, And with grit and determination, they’ll succeed it. Their causes are just, their hearts in the right place, And they’ll fight the good fight with grace.

The youth in politics are fearless, bold, Their words, like swords, cut through the mold. They’re breaking barriers, setting new norms, As they lead with conviction and reform.

So let us embrace this new generation.

Youth are Rising

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