Spoken Word


By Campos World

My phone rings, I pick my call, A voice from the government’s hall,

But this time I’m filled with hate, As they speak of governance that’s dead.

The promises made so long ago, Now lie in ruins with nothing to show,

The money meant for the people’s gain, Now lining the pockets of the insane.

Corruption, nepotism and greed, All the vices we don’t need,

In the corridors of power they reign, Our hopes and dreams they drive in vain.

The masses cry out for equity, But all that’s heard is their hypocrisy, Deceit and lies is all they sell, Destroying our country down to Hell.

I hang up feeling hopeless and lost, Will our suffering ever defrost? Our leaders need to play their part, And nurture the nation’s heart.

When they call we need to listen, And hold them accountable for their commission, Let the voice of the people rise above, And demand governance filled with love.


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