Lwandeti Youth Demand Action on Infrastructure Failures at Siasa Place Engagement Event

By Seliphar Machoni

During a community engagement event organized by Siasa Place in Lwandeti, Kakamega County, local youth expressed their frustrations regarding the failure of leaders to address critical infrastructure issues. Concerns about untarmacked roads and the lack of street lights were especially prominent, with participants calling for immediate action to enhance safety and improve living conditions.

Engagement Event Brings Issues to Light

The engagement event, which took place in Lwandeti, saw an impressive turnout of more than fifty young people. Siasa Place, an organization dedicated to promoting political participation among the youth, facilitated the discussion to identify key community challenges and explore potential solutions.

“Your voices matter. Today is about ensuring that those voices are heard and that they result in tangible change,” Tele Nzomo, a Program Officer with Siasa Place, commenced the session, emphasizing the importance of youth involvement in civic matters.

Critical Infrastructure Concerns Raised

The discussions primarily focused on the state of local infrastructure, particularly the untarmacked roads and the absence of street lighting. Participants argued that these issues significantly threatened their safety and well-being.

Makokha, a local resident, shared his harrowing experiences with the untarmacked roads. “Our roads here in Lwandeti, especially Makena Road, are untarmacked. Our leader promised to have them tarred, but he has yet to fulfil that promise.”

Mary, another attendee, expressed her concerns about the lack of street lights, which she believes contributes to the increasing insecurity in the area.

“Without street lights, our streets are not safe after dark. People are afraid to walk home at night. It’s as if the leaders don’t care about our safety or well-being,” Mary said in frustration.

Call for Accountability and Action

The youth didn’t merely voice complaints; they also called for accountability and presented suggestions for improvement. They urged local leaders to prioritize infrastructure in the next budget and provide a clear timeline for addressing these issues.

Another participant, Sarah, stressed the need for transparency. “We need to know where our tax money is going. If funds are allocated for infrastructure, we should see the results. We demand regular updates from our leaders.”

Siasa Place’s Role and Future Plans

Siasa Place representatives reiterated their commitment to supporting the youth in holding their leaders accountable. Tele explained that the organization would continue to organize such engagements and follow up with local leaders to ensure that the concerns are addressed.

“We are not here to merely talk. We are here to ensure that action is taken. We will be arranging follow-up meetings and working closely with the community to keep these issues on the agenda,” stated Tele.

Community’s Determination

The event concluded with a stronger sense of purpose among the participants. They resolved to stay united and continue advocating for their rights. Plans were made to form committees to monitor the progress of their demands and maintain constant communication with local authorities.

Tyron, one of the organizers, captured the essence of the event. “We are the future of this community. We cannot afford to be passive. We must be the change we want to see. Today is just the beginning.”

As the youth of Lwandeti persist in pursuing better infrastructure and safer streets, the message is clear: they will not rest until their voices are heard and their demands are met. The engagement event by Siasa Place has laid the groundwork for a more active and involved community determined to hold its leaders accountable and create a better future for all.

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